Property Sales and Marketing

At DEMDARZZY, our team of professionals are experts in marketing high-end properties. Our unique approach to property listing guarantees that our clients are usually able to sell their property for over the going “fair market value.”

Effective and strategic marketing is how we are able to guarantee that you’ll get the very best price for your property. We do this in two ways. First, We takes a proactive and precise approach to listing properties. We have identified strategic methods and work with an established network of real estate professionals in Nigeria.

Real Estate Development

We provide development project management from beginning to end.

Our development services includes oversight of all phases of the development process, from project advisory and feasibility planning to project closeout.

From ground-up construction to build-to-suit or complex redevelopments. We have experience with all real estate classes, be it residential, office buildings, hotels, industrial facilities, and even shopping complexes.

Advanced Sewage Digester

You can now say NO to Septic Tanks, with a more efficient, zero maintenance and cost effective technology of modern sewage system.

The Sewage Digester is suitable for all soil conditions including heavy clay soils, shallow or exposed rock beds and soils with high water table. The Sewage Digester can be laid above or below ground. No evacuation of waste product is needed.


Property Leasing

We offer tenant screening and leasing services as an alternative to full-service management for owners who wish to personally maintain the rental property once it has been rented.

We know it is of utmost importance to find qualified tenants to assure the best return on your investment, and accordingly, DEMDARZZY secures suitable candidates through rigorous background checks, proof of income etc.

We have worked hard to develop a leasing process that works quickly, and finds the right tenant to occupy your home. Owning rental property can be a risky business, but with our team of professionals on your side, finding a well-qualified tenant is one less risk you have to take.